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Reading glasses (monte)

Reading glasses (monte)

Our company DIKTYO-Salespharma has been active for 10 years in the field of assembled reading glasses, which it imports. Since November 2021, our workshop will be ready with suitable machines to produce reading glasses.The workshop will receive uncovered lenses and skeletons.

With special lens cutting machines, it will be cut according to the needs and assembled with the corresponding folders. Also, suitable printing machines will enable you to print the brand name and other elements of each customer on the glasses arms as well as their stickers and tabs.

There is also the possibility to select the customer the type of lens from a simple acrylic AC lens or aspheric lens.

You can also choose lenses with a special coating such as:

  • anti-scratch
  • anti-blue
  • anti-UV
  • anti-reflected κτλ.

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