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Sales Pharma company since 1991 has created and continue to expand with success, an innovative network with cooperations in the field of health care ans especially in the field of pharmacy and opticals, covering geographical the whole Greece.

It has been active for 10 years in the field, mainly with assembled reading glasses, sunglasses, etc, which it imports in large quantities and sells in the market of Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. The services we offer are wholesale sales in pharmacies – opticals, with our network of external sellers but also directly.

The products that we offer are:

  • Reading glasses (monte)
  • Sunglasses (for men/women/kids)
  • Accessories for eyewear
  • Earplugs
  • Pharmacy bags
  • Diet products “My protein”

People and collaborations of Sales Pharma are the basis on which its philosophy and activity build. Human potential consists of a group of people, among them and experienced sellers in pharmacies.

This is a group that constantly renews its knowledge and monitors international developments in the market.

Flexibility, proper service and nationwide market needs are also largely based on the excellent partnerships that the company has built in every region of Greece.

These are selected partners who are distinguished from the same consequence and have a common vision with Sales Pharma.


Information – Immediacy – Consequence. It is the triptych on which Sales Pharma’s philosophy is based.

We know that speed and consistency are the most basic tools in our field. That’s why we take care every day to be our strongest features.