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We welcome you to Sales Pharma, a company that provides 360ο services in the health sector.

Sales Pharma is a results - driven company that provides complete sales outsourcing solutions in the health sector. Outsourcing can deliver dramatic growth. We fuel expansion by helping with sales processes, targeting clients and deploying a sales team. Our solutions make it easier for our clients to maximize sales, improve market share and accelerate their speed to market strategies. Solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business objectives and marketing plans. Achieving revenue maximization objectives at lower cost of sales. Sales Pharma has delivered uncompromising results consistently with the highest ethical standards. A proven record of success that spans 20 years.

Sales Pharma is dedicated to generating growth for clients’ products either through medical detailing to doctors or detailing to pharmacists and the successful presence and promotion of these products in pharmacies. In all services offered, proven and effective methodologies are used with particular experience in product categories: O.T.C. (over-the-counter), cosmetics and medical devices.

Good Communication, Direct- Immediate Response and Reliability is the triptych on which Sales Pharma’s foundation is built.

  • We support effective and comprehensive detailing to healthcare professionals as well as to providing reliable information to our clients with frequent reporting.
  • We invest in the value of direct communication and daily contacts with pharmacies via email and directly with consumers.
  • We secure high speed of coverage at low cost.

The Sales Pharma field force is composed of competent medical representatives and experienced pharmacy sales representatives.

Flexibility, excellent service and meeting the needs of the marketplace with nationwide coverage are supported to a great extent on the outstanding cooperation built by the company in every part of Greece.

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